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The Gymnastics Genius

Posted by fallonlak on March 5, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (4)

The Gymnastics Genius

Written by Elizabeth S.

One day Bella the gymnastic genius just got home from school.

“Bella” Her mom called.

“I think you should try out for gymnastics.”

“Mom that’s brilliant”

“Good because you are signed up for today.”

“Whahooo” Bella shouted.

So they drove to the gymnastics. Bella met her teacher and they went to the station Bella was at.

After that day she tried and tried again, but one day she had a terrible accident and broke a bone. But that didn’t stop her. She kept on going. And so that’s how she became the gymnastic genius! Even her friends call her the gymnastic genius.

In four years she had competed in a competition, and ………………she won!

** This story has been posted in exact words of our 3rd grader.

Note from Fallon Lak:

Dear Elizabteh,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Keep up the good work and let your imagination take you around the world.

From your story we learn, hard work and determination = success.


Posted by fallonlak on February 21, 2016 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Guess what happened when I received the following letter from my daughter...


Dear mom and dad, I would really love to own a hamster. I will check, feed, and play with it daily. I have even went online to find out good ways to tame, comfort, and even how to keep my hamster entertained while I'm gone. Here's all you need to know. I want to own a Syrian Hamster; they are calmer and friendlier than other, smaller, hamster varieties. They are well suited for young children like me or for a first-time hamster owners. A basic thing to know about hamsters is that the bigger the cage the better. Also we don't have to buy the cage or toys, we could make them!

I have to make sure to include a nest box. This will act like a "bedroom" and a "pantry" for hamster. I have to clean the cage weekly. I also HAVE TO put BEDDING. Bedding is the most important thing for my hamster, it uses bedding to burrow as well as be comfortable. If there were no bedding, it would be like Crabby (our pet crab) without sand!

Syrian hamsters are the most friendly and sociable family of hamsters. They will need attention every day. Hamsters are members of the rodent family, there are over 2000 different species of hamster, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The word "rodent" comes from the Latin word: "roder" {Ro-de-r,} which means to gnaw. Gnawing is just something that rodents do. They have four big front teeth that are called incisors. Their teeth grow continuously throughout the hamster’s life.

The word hamster comes from the German world, which means to hord, as that is something that they do. Their natural environment is on the rocky, scrubby slopes of the mountains around Alapo. They usually burrow during the day and come out at night to avoid getting heat stroke. Where they live, the temputure is normally around 36 Celsius.

Hamsters are also able to run up to five miles an hour! We should also know that hamsters have sensitive ears so we shouldn't yell, however, our family is quiet enough. Plus... they would make great company and a fun pet that mommy does not freak out about. Come on you couldn't say no to this face.....#Please.

                                                                                            From your daughter

** A cutiest picture was cut and glowed to the bottom of her letter.

*** And YES, you are right, she ended up getting not one, but two hamsters! 

Sneaky Snake

Posted by fallonlak on Comments comments (0)
My friends the strangest thing happened the other day!

On a beautiful sunny afternoon while my kiddos were happily reading books, I rushed around the kitchen adding the final ingredients to the yummy veggie lasagna. After giving my lasagna eyes with zucchini, nose with a carrot, and a mouth with green peas, I placed it in the oven. I then thought a short walk before super would be an excellent appetite builder.

I was so wrong…I entered the garage to pick up the scooters, and I froze instantly. I was facing a four-foot snake. Can you imagine the look on my face? I should have taken a selfie for a good laugh later.

But wait! Don’t panic. I immediately realized the beautiful intruder was not moving. He was stuck on a glue pad designed for smaller insects. When I was sure the grounds were safe I called for my little explorers. After reading so many snake books they would have loved to see one up close.

As expected my daughter cried with joy. “Can we please keep him mom? I need a new pet,” she said.

My brave son, on the other hand, found a stick and decided to check on the snake by gently pocking him. Suddenly the snake moved! Now can you imagine the look on his face? Yes, you are right, he was petrified. “He is alive!” He screamed and ran back to me with eyes wide open and took shelter behind me. “Sneaky snake.” He said.

Yes, the snake was alive! Three curious bodies stared in disbelief. What should we do with this beautiful reptile? If we left him he would surly die. Mommy was too scared to rescue the snake, and we could not wait for daddy to get home. Something had to be done immediately!

We made a phone call and thirty minutes later an animal control officer was tactfully removing the beautiful reptile. As I watched, my daughter showered our expert with questions. As always she needed to know more!

Soon the sneaky snake was gone. My daughter was sad. My son was extremely happy, and as for me, I was still in shock.

Back inside my daughter asked me to sit comfortably on the sofa. Our short walk was cancelled, and I was about to have my own private lesson about our uninvited guest.

So my young ophiologist began, “Mom listen carefully,” She said. “The sneaky snake was a rat snake. Do you know how I know?” I shook my head. “They usually have solid gray head.” She said proudly. “Mom you should really read some of my books! Well, don’t worry. I am here to educate you.”

I smiled. She looked so sweet and so excited. “Yes my little scientist. Tell me more.” “Rat snakes are very common in Texas. They live in the green fields, but every now an then they lose their way and end up in our garage.” She smiled. “You should also remember rat snakes are excellent climbers, and they love to eat rats. I guess that is a very good thing. Mom, I really think we should keep the next snake,” She said thoughtfully. “In case we have rats.”

Oh dear! I thought. That’s all we need. Rats, snakes, crab and gold fish, living together as one big happy family.

“No! I will not share a room with a snake.” My son cried.

“Don’t worry my little brother, rat snakes are safe. They do bite, but they are not poisonous.” She argued.

“Mom…” My son looked worried again.

“OK! Problem solved! We can buy a glass cage for our snake, but we have to buy a large one, because rat snakes can grow over five feet.”

My son and I looked at each other. I secretly had to assure him that was never going to happen.

“Now here is the most fascinating fact. We could have freed the sneaky snake from the glue pad by simply using cooking oil. Isn’t that something?” She added.

I raised an eyebrow. Yes, that was interesting, but she did not wait for my reply. She ran upstairs to add her new findings to her notes.

I took a deep breath. So much had happened in a short time. An unadventurous afternoon had turned to an interestingly educational afternoon. We learned many new things and most importantly we arrived just in time to save the beautiful reptile.

Well my curious friends, I will leave you with some fun stuff for your very own animal notes.

** Ophiologist is a person that studies snakes.

** Did you know there are more than 6500 species of reptiles? They include snakes, lizards, tortoises, and crocodiles.

**As snakes grow bigger, their old skin peels off to show their new shinny skin. A snake’s skin comes off in one long piece. This is called molting.

**Reptiles are vertebrates, and this means they have backbones to support their body.


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Here is the story…

A week before the Persian New Year, traditionally, we buy goldfish. Every year we buy five and every year only the strongest will make it to the well-prepared New Year’s table. This year, I am happy to say, we celebrated the New Year with all our fishes.

But weeks later my 8 years old Ichthyologists appeared very concerned. One goldfish was in desperate need of medical attention, I was told.

“Can we wait for your Dad?” I asked because I really didn't like to touch the fishes.

“No. This is an emergency! You have to do this Mom!” She demanded.

So I put on my gloves, and we separated the little red goldfish from his friends and placed him in ICU – in this case a new bowl. ☺

While I was preparing the ICU, I was given precise instructions, “Mom, make sure you pour filtered water in here!” “Mom, make sure you pour two drops of ‘Stress Coat.’” “Mom, please make sure to put in one ice cube…”

I began to get agitated. “Can you please explain why we need to do all these?” I asked.

“To save him!” She said. “Filtered water is much healthier than tab water, and the Stress Coat would help to reduce fish stress, and it will remove chlorine. Our little fish will have a much better chance of survival.” She replied and shook her head, “Mom, you really don’t know anything about fish, do you?”

She was right, I didn’t.

So I did as I was told, but the little fish was still floating on his side. My Ichthyologist, however, was determined and very hopeful.

Three days later, to my surprise the little fish was swimming like a champ. ☺

“I told you Mom!” She said proudly. “This is my Survivor.”

I now have been added to father, daughter fish team. While my daughter supervises the work, Mom & Dad wash the tank, pour filtered water, add two drops of Stress Coat, one ice cube, and with that we have five happy fishes and two happy children. ☺

It only shows, tender loving care can make all the difference in the world!

                                                                                                                                        With Love


++ Oh, in case you are wondering, Ichthyologists is a person who specializes in the study of fish. ++

Oh! Mommy, Crabby is dead!

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“Oh my gosh! What is going on?” I asked my daughter.

She was crying cats and dogs! So I asked again.

“Crabby is dead!” She cried out!

Crabby, her favorite pet did in fact look dead!

“Hold on baby, let’s see what is going on.” I gave her a big fat hug, and we both began investigating the scene.

My daughter took out the water container, I took out the food, she took out the shell, and neither one of us could touch Crabby! Mommy was too scared…and daughter was too upset ☹

So we decided to wait for daddy to get home. He was brave and knew just what to do.

Meanwhile, we both stared at Crabby. But suddenly the shell began moving!

“Oh dear!” I said. “What is going on?” Now we both stared at the shell!

Tick tock – tick tock & and we waited…

Suddenly Crabby stuck his head out of his shell and began exploring the kitchen counter. My daughter’s screams of joy scared me even more. I gasped and began walking backwards. (Isn’t that silly?)

Well, my friends, after further investigation, or should I say when daddy the hero came home we found out Crabby had been in his shell all along, and what remained in the Crabby's tank was his old skin. Crabby had molted. He had shed his old skin and grown a larger new skin. Just like snakes.

A frightening moment (for me), but I am glad to announce a happy ending.

And now mommy has learned something new: Crabs do shed!