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Oh! Mommy, Crabby is dead!

Posted by fallonlak on

“Oh my gosh! What is going on?” I asked my daughter.

She was crying cats and dogs! So I asked again.

“Crabby is dead!” She cried out!

Crabby, her favorite pet did in fact look dead!

“Hold on baby, let’s see what is going on.” I gave her a big fat hug, and we both began investigating the scene.

My daughter took out the water container, I took out the food, she took out the shell, and neither one of us could touch Crabby! Mommy was too scared…and daughter was too upset ☹

So we decided to wait for daddy to get home. He was brave and knew just what to do.

Meanwhile, we both stared at Crabby. But suddenly the shell began moving!

“Oh dear!” I said. “What is going on?” Now we both stared at the shell!

Tick tock – tick tock & and we waited…

Suddenly Crabby stuck his head out of his shell and began exploring the kitchen counter. My daughter’s screams of joy scared me even more. I gasped and began walking backwards. (Isn’t that silly?)

Well, my friends, after further investigation, or should I say when daddy the hero came home we found out Crabby had been in his shell all along, and what remained in the Crabby's tank was his old skin. Crabby had molted. He had shed his old skin and grown a larger new skin. Just like snakes.

A frightening moment (for me), but I am glad to announce a happy ending.

And now mommy has learned something new: Crabs do shed! 

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