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Here is the story…

A week before the Persian New Year, traditionally, we buy goldfish. Every year we buy five and every year only the strongest will make it to the well-prepared New Year’s table. This year, I am happy to say, we celebrated the New Year with all our fishes.

But weeks later my 8 years old Ichthyologists appeared very concerned. One goldfish was in desperate need of medical attention, I was told.

“Can we wait for your Dad?” I asked because I really didn't like to touch the fishes.

“No. This is an emergency! You have to do this Mom!” She demanded.

So I put on my gloves, and we separated the little red goldfish from his friends and placed him in ICU – in this case a new bowl. ☺

While I was preparing the ICU, I was given precise instructions, “Mom, make sure you pour filtered water in here!” “Mom, make sure you pour two drops of ‘Stress Coat.’” “Mom, please make sure to put in one ice cube…”

I began to get agitated. “Can you please explain why we need to do all these?” I asked.

“To save him!” She said. “Filtered water is much healthier than tab water, and the Stress Coat would help to reduce fish stress, and it will remove chlorine. Our little fish will have a much better chance of survival.” She replied and shook her head, “Mom, you really don’t know anything about fish, do you?”

She was right, I didn’t.

So I did as I was told, but the little fish was still floating on his side. My Ichthyologist, however, was determined and very hopeful.

Three days later, to my surprise the little fish was swimming like a champ. ☺

“I told you Mom!” She said proudly. “This is my Survivor.”

I now have been added to father, daughter fish team. While my daughter supervises the work, Mom & Dad wash the tank, pour filtered water, add two drops of Stress Coat, one ice cube, and with that we have five happy fishes and two happy children. ☺

It only shows, tender loving care can make all the difference in the world!

                                                                                                                                        With Love


++ Oh, in case you are wondering, Ichthyologists is a person who specializes in the study of fish. ++

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