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Posted by fallonlak on February 21, 2016 at 9:55 PM

Guess what happened when I received the following letter from my daughter...


Dear mom and dad, I would really love to own a hamster. I will check, feed, and play with it daily. I have even went online to find out good ways to tame, comfort, and even how to keep my hamster entertained while I'm gone. Here's all you need to know. I want to own a Syrian Hamster; they are calmer and friendlier than other, smaller, hamster varieties. They are well suited for young children like me or for a first-time hamster owners. A basic thing to know about hamsters is that the bigger the cage the better. Also we don't have to buy the cage or toys, we could make them!

I have to make sure to include a nest box. This will act like a "bedroom" and a "pantry" for hamster. I have to clean the cage weekly. I also HAVE TO put BEDDING. Bedding is the most important thing for my hamster, it uses bedding to burrow as well as be comfortable. If there were no bedding, it would be like Crabby (our pet crab) without sand!

Syrian hamsters are the most friendly and sociable family of hamsters. They will need attention every day. Hamsters are members of the rodent family, there are over 2000 different species of hamster, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The word "rodent" comes from the Latin word: "roder" {Ro-de-r,} which means to gnaw. Gnawing is just something that rodents do. They have four big front teeth that are called incisors. Their teeth grow continuously throughout the hamster’s life.

The word hamster comes from the German world, which means to hord, as that is something that they do. Their natural environment is on the rocky, scrubby slopes of the mountains around Alapo. They usually burrow during the day and come out at night to avoid getting heat stroke. Where they live, the temputure is normally around 36 Celsius.

Hamsters are also able to run up to five miles an hour! We should also know that hamsters have sensitive ears so we shouldn't yell, however, our family is quiet enough. Plus... they would make great company and a fun pet that mommy does not freak out about. Come on you couldn't say no to this face.....#Please.

                                                                                            From your daughter

** A cutiest picture was cut and glowed to the bottom of her letter.

*** And YES, you are right, she ended up getting not one, but two hamsters! 

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