Novelist & Children's book  Author

Mr. Duffle Bag & Tommy's Fruit-Vegetable Adventure

A witty and educational children's book.

Tommy is all about cookies.

Desperate to end this cycle of unhealthy eating habits, Tommy’s mother calls for Mr. Duffle Bag. A magical journey with unthinkable characters is the only way for Tommy to meet healthy friends.

Mr. Duffle Bag is a creative problem solver.

His huge yellow duffle bag is filled with magical surprises that will positively charm children of all ages as well as their parents.



Torn Apart

A stunning tale of romance and suspense

Twenty-year-old Rebecca Stone is on the verge of becoming a world-famous fashion model, when she falls in love with a handsome, Italian Pilot. His charm, his persistence immediately ignites a passionate fire within her and against her parent's will and continuous objections from friends; Rebecca decides to marry the mysterious man. No one knows anything about the prospective bridegroom.

The storybook marriage begins, and in time friends come to accept the groom, all except her mother, who maintains a virulent dislike toward him.Then one night as Rebecca held tight to her unborn child she discovers the heart breaking truth, but it becomes even more devastating when months later she is to face the real facts about her husband.

A stunning tale of romance and suspense, set against the worlds of big money and high fashion, this is the story of a family that is literally Torn Apart.