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Torn Apart


Rebecca had the world at her feet, an up and coming fashion model, beauty, the glamor, but only one thing kept her from living the fairytale life, love. Enter Michael Valentino, a slightly mysterious, but extremely attractive and charismatic man who has stolen Rebecca’s heart, as he sweeps her off her feet and makes her his bride. But all is not perfect; Rebecca’s parents question everything about this man, from his background to his motives to his suitability as their daughter’s husband. 

Are they right to question the honor of her Knight in Shining Armor? Why is her mother particularly opposed to the very existence of Michael in Rebecca’s life? As Michael s gone on “business” more and more, Rebecca tries to hold strong to the love she believes they share, but something is off and she knows it. Little did she know the lives of everyone she cares about will be sent spiraling into a world of lies, immorality and infidelity, and Michael isn’t the biggest deceiver of all. How does one move on?

I don’t think Fallon Lak could have come up with a better title. Torn Apart is a tale of the most brutal and heartbreaking of betrayals and tucked it neatly into a romantic mystery that will have you tethered to every word as if your life depended on it. Hang on while each layer is unveiled and be sure to be sitting for the last big reveal, I swear, this one is one to remember. Devious, delicious, devastating, Fallon Lak had me hook, line and sinker with this one, proving that even the “Beautiful People” have dark skeletons in their closets. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

Torn Apart is about Rebecca Stone a beautiful and successful fashion model, whose life seems perfect. She has a wonderful relationship with her family, until the day she meets handsome Michael Valentino. Michael walked into Rebecca's life like a whirlwind, his proposal of marriage just weeks after their first meeting surprised, but also thrilled her. Will their love be torn apart when secrets about Michael and her family are revealed, and she finds out that nothing is as it seems. Fallon Lak has written a strong story of love, betrayal and lies. Torn Apart is a good read, it will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you turn page by page to see what will happen next as Fallon takes you inside the tormented life of Rebecca, as she tries to come to grips with the shocking secrets that surround her. You will be astounded at the explosive ending. I enjoyed reading this book very much. Donna Laird Author of Romance 'Forever Yours'

I recently read a thrilling novel from first-time author, Fallon Lak. Ms Lak captures the reader's attention and doesn't let go until the end. The writer takes the reader through emotional upheavals that tug at the heart strings and allows you to rejoice when the plot culminates in a resounding kapow! I recommend you take a walk with Rebecca Stone, the protagonist of this interesting book. This book is a surprising story of intriguing romance. I, for one, look forward to reading Ms Lak's offerings in what I hope will be the near future. Gloria Teague author of MIRACLES BEYOND MEDICINE, INNOCENCE SACRIFICED, I'VE GOT A CONFESSION and COLONY

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Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


The biggest things in model Rebecca Stone's life are her family, job, and shopping until the day she meets Michael Valentino in a bar. After that, her life is not the same. The beginning of this tale will have you thinking it is a love story, the kind of love that is dreamed of and yearned over in stories. Read on. It is an intriguing story with twists that will keep you turning pages and trying to outguess the characters as to what comes next. A fun read written by a talented author who entertains the reader with glimpses into the world of modeling that serves as an interesting backdrop for Rebecca. This is a tale that shows, no matter how the future looks or is planned, it may not come out that way at all. For the mainstream or any other reader who likes stories that aren't all they seem, this book will prove an interesting read, one that will keep you turning the pages as Rebecca's relationship with Michael unfolds. There are surprises lying in wait. Enjoy

Allison California, U.S.A  Well, I'm not much of a fiction reader, but I could not put this book down!. Ms Lak taunts and teases her reader such that I almost got upset when then next chapter was not a continuation of the previous chapter. This book totally pulled me in right to the end, and the ending - unreal!!! I eagerly await her next book.

A true page-turner. Suspenseful, and extremely well-written, its hard to believe this is the author's first book. I am anxiously awaiting her next novel. Great read!

Page turner A well crafted tale of romance and suspense. A true page turner, with an unseen ending. The author has presented the plot skillfully. I anticipate the release of her next book